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Customer Support :

Customers are King for any business and so for Mayura's. For us, our customers are brand ambassadors who are the source of strength for building our business and made possible for us to market ourselves into wide range of industries in Industrial automation. We value the bond with our customers as a product can be duplicated but not the customer service culture. For Mayuras, Customer support is not a department, but it's the part of everyone's job.

Our Customer Support Includes

"We believe the purpose of business is to create a customer who can create customers"

  • Focus on customers need and provide them with best solutions.
  • Quality in customer service.
  • On time on-site service and support.
  • Under promise, we over deliver.
  • Customer feedback.

Our technical customer support includes

  • Schneider PLC, HMI and SCADA programming.
  • NI Vision inspection and Lab-View based automation.
  • Schneider VFD and servo programming, installation and commissioning.
  • New and existing Plant/machine automation up gradation.
  • Software installation and training
  • Control panel design and wiring.

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